CRG will provide programming for youth to inspire healthy relationships in an abuse free environment.  The purpose of TDVA is to educate youth and their peers on healthy relationships and dating abuse and provide an overview of healthy communication and healthy boundaries.


Teen Power and Control Wheel

Teen Dating Violence Facts

  • Teen Dating Violence is a pattern of abuse – physical, verbal, sexual and, or emotional – used by an individual in a present or past relationship. It is the attempt to exert power and control over another person.

  • Every year, 1 in 4 adolescents report verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse from a dating partner.

  • 62% of 11 – 14 year-olds in relationships say they know someone who was verbally abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • In a 12 month period, 9% of high school students report being hit or physically hurt in a relationship.

  • 23% of females and 14% of males that experienced sexual assault, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner, first experienced some form of partner violence between the ages of 11 – 17 years of age.


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