Cheryl's Resilient Girl (CRG) is named after Cheryl Renee Goldsby, a victim of domestic violence who was 1 of 1,247 murdered in 2,000 (January 12, 2000).

As a Domestic Violence advocate, Cheryl's daughter Renee felt the need to create an atmosphere for youth to receive resources to assist process and respond to the trauma of being a child of an abused parent.

When a parent reaches out for help against domestic violence, the primary focus is initially on supporting the adult survivor. 


Many programs do not primarily support 
youth who have been exposed to domestic violence in their homes. 

It is critical to be able to assist children who live with domestic abuse as they have higher levels of behavioral and emotional problems than non-impacted youth.

Children growing up in homes where there is domestic violence and abuse are subjected to growing up in an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, and insecurity.

CRG will provide support, resources and personnel effects to youth who have been exposed to and impacted by domestic violence.



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